December 2012 Event

We just hosted our 3rd annual Seasonal Multitasking event featuring 20 local vendors for fun, networking, and a mini-shopping experience. This event has always been one that women look forward to, and this year we held it at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building. All of our vendor information is listed below so that you can continue to enjoy their items year-round. You can also view more information on our “Events” page in this blog.

Pictures from our event:

Thank you to our 2012! Below is information to share, shop, and enjoy for the present and future.

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Interested in becoming a vendor? Sorry. Vendor spots are filled, but keep us in mind for next year’s event!

Drawings will be held throughout even. Money received from ticket purchases will be donated to the Helping Kids with Cancer Foundation.

Philanthropy project:

We will be accepting donations for Helping Kids with Cancer. This foundation, founded in 1999, provides grocery, VISA, and gas gift cards to families of children with cancer during their hospital stay for urgent needs. “By helping the families, we help the kids”.

From HKWC: Every year we raise funds to help families in crisis with basics such as grocery and gas cards. They are provid-ed to parents of pediatric oncology patients at Primary Children’s Hospital. We owe our success to the kind hearts of local businesses, corporate foundations, friends and families who are willing to send a little hope to those already grieved by their child’s illness and the difficult conditions they face.

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