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Become a Member….Reap the Benefits 

About WIFS:

Mission:  To  support, encourage, and advance the success of women in the Insurance and Financial Services Industry. 

As the preeminent professional organization for women in the financial services industry, Women in Insurance & Financial Services (WIFS) is dedicated to attracting capable women to the financial services sector, helping them develop their talents and advancing them toward their fullest potential. 

WIFS is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping women in the insurance and financial services industry. WIFS offers innovative programs and delivers benefits according to the expressed needs of it members, who are varied, encompassing agents, brokers, investment specialists, bankers, CPA’s, vendors, and home-office personnel.  

For all members, WIFS offers  free monthly webinars on a variety of business-related and professional development topics. The emphasis is on growing a successful and thriving business, whether you are new to the financial services industry or have many years of experience under your belt.  

WIFS Members: 

View National Member Benefits    –    View Member Application    –    Contact Local Membership

Important Benefits:

• Skill-building through our national conference, regional meetings and seminars

• Ongoing education, support and connections through various local chapters

• Free teleclasses and webinars for professional and personal development

• Mentoring program – supporting career success as a mentor or mentee

• Speakers bureau – WIFS promotes member speaking talent and facilitates

• Masterminds teleconferences with industry leaders

• Discounts from affiliate organizations, including coaching services

• Awards Recognition; various award categories including Leaders Recognition

• Affiliation with industry groups

• Recognized Association for MDRT qualification 

What is in it for Me?

• High quality education and training opportunities

• Help in growing your business

• Connecting with colleagues locally and nationally

• Mentoring opportunities

• Life-long friendships

• Regular teleclass and webinar

• National website with member resources

• National and local newsletters

• On-line membership directory

• National Conference held annually in October

• Local Chapter Events/Meeting 

Who is Eligible? 

WIFS is the ONLY national organization exclusively devoted to helping women succeed in both insurance and financial services.  No matter your tenure, if you are a producer, independent, captive or in management, we invite you to join WIFS.

Eligible Members include:

Insurance and Investment Professionals
Legal/Estate Planners
Real Estate Agents
Mortgage Professionals
Banking Professionals
Other Professionals Associated with the financial services industry

How to Become a WIFS Member

The quickest and easiest way to become a member of WIFS is to join online.

To download the PDF membership application,  CLICK HERE 

To learn more about your local Utah chapter, go to, call Sheila Leeds at 801-698-5110, VP Membership, or view us on LinkedIn and Facebook.

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