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Eugenia Battaglia Coram Awards December Attendee, Debbie Engebretsen, with a Wardrobe Consultation of Her…CLOSET!

As many of you know, our association held our annual networking while shopping event in December. We hosted 20 local vendors who sold their services and products to provide us with a unique mini-shopping experience, and also provided drawing items for our attendees.

Eugenia Battaglia Coram, Image and Wardrobe Consultant, shared her expertise and dynamic style at the event, and also provided a free consultation for one lucky winner. Debbie Engebretsen was the lucky recipient of the consultation and met with us to share her experience.

Interview between Amber Dixon, Utah WIFS President, and Debbie Engebretsen, Drawing Winner:

Amber:  Debbie, have you ever worked with a wardrobe coach before? If no, what was the deciding factor to work with Eugenia?

Debbie:  No, I have never worked with a wardrobe coach before.  My introduction to Eugenia was when she did a presentation at a networking event.  I knew that at some point I wanted her to work with me, so when I won the consultation in a drawing I was thrilled!

Amber:  What was the process Eugenia took you through?

Debbie:  Eugenia came [to my home] and went through my winter clothes – as that is the season we are in.  She went through everything one at a time, and had me try on some of the clothing to make sure they fit properly.  If I hadn’t worn anything in the past 6 months to a year she discarded it.

Some of my clothes weren’t of the best quality and she suggested I replace them, but if I couldn’t replace them right away, she had me keep them after I promised to replace them as soon as I could.

We discussed my profession, my ideal market, and who I am marketing myself to. These were all taken into consideration as Eugenia considered my wardrobe needs and changes.

Amber:  What were the top three tips you learned from Eugenia?

Debbie:  Be picky as to what I allow in my closet. As I am petite, I need to wear clothes that are form-fitting. Wear color!  Dress more youthful.

Amber:  Have you implemented these tips you learned from Eugenia? If so, which one was the biggest change you chose?

Debbie:  Yes! I am adding color to my wardrobe and only purchasing quality clothing – as it is the end of the season I am finding things on sale, which is great!

Amber:  What was your overall experience with Eugenia?

Debbie:  My experience was great!  The closet consultation is only the first step.  She also goes shopping with clients.  She starts with whatever your clothing budget is – even if it is only $100.

Amber:  Would you recommend Eugenia to your friends? If so, what would you tell them?

Debbie:  I would definitely recommend Eugenia to others.  I would tell them to open themselves up  to her suggestions.  Don’t clean out your closet before she comes, allow her to go through everything.  It will be painful, but you will appreciate it in the end!

Amber:  Will you give us a brief synopsis of Eugenia’s professionalism and methods?

Debbie:  Eugenia was very kind, but very direct.  Going through someone’s closet is very personal, but she was very sweet about how she went about this.  Be open to Eugenia’s suggestions.  She is only wanting to make you your best.

Amber:  Anything else you would like to share about Eugenia and her, what appears to be, amazing service?

Debbie:  We need to always feel at our best and our clothes are a huge part of that.  Never again will I purchase clothing that doesn’t fit the parameters set for me.  Eugenia has a great talent for taking what is a very personal, and could be a very difficult experience, and make it a building opportunity.  I may not have much in my closet anymore, but it is all items I am using and wearing.

Everyone needs to spend time with Eugenia to get clear on what they are needing (or not needing) in their wardrobe.

Amber:  Thank you Debbie for taking the time to answer some questions, and thank you Eugenia for making a difference!

To contact Eugenia, and to learn more about her services, go to:

Eugenia Battaglia, Via Battaglia, Image and Wardrobe Consulting (801) 879-8980 eugeniacoram.blogspot.com

Eugenia Battaglia Coram
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(801) 879-8980

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