Discovered 20+ Unique Christmas Gifts!

December 11, 2012:

Today Utah WIFS ( held its annual Networking While Shopping event, and it was a HUGE success! I have been on the board since I co-founded the association in 2009 and this is my last December vendor event that I will be organizing. Although I have enjoyed putting on these events, I am looking forward to being only a shopper next year! With that said, I know I got a lot of holiday shopping done today, and many other attendees did too.

The 20 local Utah vendors who participated were amazing and I look forward to shopping with them for many years to come. My shopping purchases included:

  • A Minky & More throw. Oh my! It is so soft and luxurious that my 11-year-old son stole it from me as soon as he found it. He is cuddling with it now. I think everyone needs one because they are washer-friendly and, dare I say it again, amazing!
    Minky & More....everyone needs one from every where!
    Minky & More….everyone needs one from every where!
  • doTERRA oils! Oh wow. I am so excited to have my doTERRA oils again. I use the lavender on my pillow, lemon in my cleaning products, and peppermint for headaches and so much more. I love these essential oils, and they are a huge supporter of Utah WIFS!
  • Choffy! Although I do love my coffee, this is actually a healthy, 100% premium cacao that is a superfood. Yes, cacao is spelled right but is also known as “cocoa beans.” I bought a blend and a mug that is also a coffee press! How cool is that?
  • Lipstick from Glamour Connection that lasts all day long and is fantastic. I generally do not go bold because of the environment I work in, but that is going to change after consulting with Leta Greene! I must admit that I looked pretty fabulous in the new shade during the event.
  • Chocolates for my neighbors and friends. I bought so much chocolate that I already feel the holiday pounds adding on, but then I realized I bought them as gifts so I see my neighbors actually with the pounds (kidding of course.) These Creamium Chocolates are not like any I have tasted before, and trust me I am a chocolate lover!

Creamium Chocolates. How can you go wrong with this gift? You can't!

  • Who knew Scentsy was more than wickless candles? I not only bought my wickless candle refills, but also bought soap, lotions, and a car freshener! So excited.
  • I also, of course, donated to the Helping Kids with Cancer foundation that is very personal for me. My son’s friend, Tomas, was diagnosed at only 8 years old and lived only a couple of days after his 10th birthday. No one should experience cancer in the family; especially at an incredibly young age.

So many more vendors were present. You can view them all at: and help support these amazing companies.

Again, although I am left with many positive memories of being President of Utah WIFS, I am also excited to see how the chapter grows with the amazing incoming President, Mandy Aguirre. She will be fantastic I am sure, and I can enjoy the monthly events as a spectator.

Season Greeting’s everyone!

–Amber, Utah WIFS President

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