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Highlighting Utah WIFS Members for 2012 Accomplishments


Celebrating Utah WIFS Members Successes for 2012 and for Years to Come.

Several of our dedicated members are being recognized, achieving goals, and making a difference in the community. We would like to highlight a few of them. If you have updats you would like to share, please email and we would love to highlight them for you.

New Designation


Debbie Engebretsen, VP of Finance:  Debbie is continuing her education to be able to provide extra value to her clients with the CDFA (Certified Divorce Financial Analyst) designation. Debbie recently passed the first of four modules and is well on her way to earning the designation. Congratulations Debbie!


Nominated for National “Woman of the Year” Award

Amber Dixon, Utah WIFS, President, Nonprofit, Women in Insurance, Women in Financial Services, Women of the Year, Award

Amber Dixon, Utah WIFS President, was 1 of only 3 nominees on a national level for the Woman of the Year award. This prestgious award is the highest award given to women by Women in Insurance and Financial Services. Congratulations Amber!



Recognized as a “30 Women to Watch”

Lisa Marcy, 30 women to watch, Utah WIFS, Women in insurance, Women in law, Women in financial services, accomplishment, Utah Business, Award

Lisa Marcy, a 2011-2012 board member, was recognized as one of the “30 Women to Watch” by Utah Business Magazine this year! This is a tremendous accomplshment. Congratulations Lisa!



Agency Growing and Moving

Vicki Tuua, state farm, women in insurance, Utah WIFS, women in financial services

Vicki Tu’ua, Past President, moved her offices to a new and upgraded space. She has grown her practice and personal State Farm agency considerably, and we are excited to be able to celebrate her success! Congratulations Vicki!



Congratulations to everyone for your 2012 successes, and we look forward to being a part of your accomplishments.

–Wishing you success in 2013
Your Utah WIFS Board


Happy Holidays from Your Utah WIFS Board!

Happy Holidays from Your Utah WIFS Board!

Discovered 20+ Unique Christmas Gifts!

December 11, 2012:

Today Utah WIFS ( held its annual Networking While Shopping event, and it was a HUGE success! I have been on the board since I co-founded the association in 2009 and this is my last December vendor event that I will be organizing. Although I have enjoyed putting on these events, I am looking forward to being only a shopper next year! With that said, I know I got a lot of holiday shopping done today, and many other attendees did too.

The 20 local Utah vendors who participated were amazing and I look forward to shopping with them for many years to come. My shopping purchases included:

  • A Minky & More throw. Oh my! It is so soft and luxurious that my 11-year-old son stole it from me as soon as he found it. He is cuddling with it now. I think everyone needs one because they are washer-friendly and, dare I say it again, amazing!
    Minky & More....everyone needs one from every where!
    Minky & More….everyone needs one from every where!
  • doTERRA oils! Oh wow. I am so excited to have my doTERRA oils again. I use the lavender on my pillow, lemon in my cleaning products, and peppermint for headaches and so much more. I love these essential oils, and they are a huge supporter of Utah WIFS!
  • Choffy! Although I do love my coffee, this is actually a healthy, 100% premium cacao that is a superfood. Yes, cacao is spelled right but is also known as “cocoa beans.” I bought a blend and a mug that is also a coffee press! How cool is that?
  • Lipstick from Glamour Connection that lasts all day long and is fantastic. I generally do not go bold because of the environment I work in, but that is going to change after consulting with Leta Greene! I must admit that I looked pretty fabulous in the new shade during the event.
  • Chocolates for my neighbors and friends. I bought so much chocolate that I already feel the holiday pounds adding on, but then I realized I bought them as gifts so I see my neighbors actually with the pounds (kidding of course.) These Creamium Chocolates are not like any I have tasted before, and trust me I am a chocolate lover!

Creamium Chocolates. How can you go wrong with this gift? You can't!

  • Who knew Scentsy was more than wickless candles? I not only bought my wickless candle refills, but also bought soap, lotions, and a car freshener! So excited.
  • I also, of course, donated to the Helping Kids with Cancer foundation that is very personal for me. My son’s friend, Tomas, was diagnosed at only 8 years old and lived only a couple of days after his 10th birthday. No one should experience cancer in the family; especially at an incredibly young age.

So many more vendors were present. You can view them all at: and help support these amazing companies.

Again, although I am left with many positive memories of being President of Utah WIFS, I am also excited to see how the chapter grows with the amazing incoming President, Mandy Aguirre. She will be fantastic I am sure, and I can enjoy the monthly events as a spectator.

Season Greeting’s everyone!

–Amber, Utah WIFS President