Your Board Enjoyed a Planning Meeting to Meet Your Needs

We, as a board, met for our annual planning meeting and have a phenomenal schedule for you, our member, in 2013. We have top-rated speakers lined up, our annual end-of-summer social planned, and our annual Seasonal Networking event featuring 20+ local vendors for networking and shopping with your peers.

Not only did we come together as a board, but we also took each of your end-of-event survey’s into consideration to enhance our 2013 schedule. 2013 will be another phenomenal year for our chapter! We are moving into our 4th year as the only chapter specific for the professional woman in the insurance and financial services industry. Our members are in the insurance, investment, real estate, mortgage, law, accounting, and P & C facets of the industry.

Join us December 11th for our 3rd annual Seasonal Multitasking event hosting 20 local vendors to provide a fun and amazing networking and mini-shopping experience. RSVP Here

Interested in joining the board to add value for your peers? Contact Sheila Leeds at

We look forward to networking with you and sharing your successes, brainstorming together to assist you with your challenges, and building strong relationships to further your practice.

–Your Board

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