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About Utah WIFS:

Founded in 2009, the Utah chapter of Women in the Insurance & Financial Services helps foster success in women professionals. These include women who are insurance professionals, investment representatives, bankers, lawyers, CPA’s, TPA’s, real-estate agents, mortgage lenders, health insurance representatives, and more. 


We contribute to the growth of our industry by providing resources needed to attract, retain and advance women in today’s market. While Women in Insurance & Financial Services is a national Association, local Chapters are at its heart. It is on the local level that women network, connect, and form important lifelong relationships. At local Chapter meetings, WIFS members find mentors, business partners, and friends.

Local Chapter members are engaged with their community while developing new contacts and increasing their knowledge. Monthly meetings and events provide forums for guest speakers and presentations on important issues.

Chapter meetings are a great way to get even more value from WIFS membership. Chapters are about people. They bring together a group of individuals who are interested in learning more about the insurance and financial services fields, as well as sharing their own knowledge. Chapters are involved in a large variety of social and educational activities. Chapter events range from guest speakers, to special summer and holiday events, to networking luncheons.

Utah WIFS offers WIFS members opportunities to:

• Develop your “power teams” for referral relationships
• Expand their circle of colleagues and contacts.
• Network at local meetings, luncheons, receptions, and programs.
• Exchange knowledge with local experts.
• Earn recognition through industry awards.
• Step into leadership roles.
• Advocate for the profession and women in the industry.
• Learn about business development and job opportunities in their community.

Association Overview:

W.I.F.S. is a national chapter catering to all women in every facet of the insurance and financial services industry. WIFS is an industry organization dedicated to helping women; its membership is varied, encompassing agents, brokers, investment specialists, vendors, and home office personnel. Support for our members includes webinars, teleclasses, and membership discounts, and as a local chapter member you can take advantage of building a network of advisors in your own local community, develop mentoring relationships, and support each other to succeed.

General Information:

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To learn more about membership, contact Sheila Leeds at membershiputahwifs@gmail.com

To learn more about sponsorship opportunities, contact Adelaide Maudsley at 801-320-6731 or Email:  Maudsley@chapman.com

To learn more about upcoming events, contact Rebecca Yates at 801-505-5500 or Email:  Rebecca@ark-ins.com.

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